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Synonymous with change

New Ideas, Inc. is in the process of change with:

  • New Management
  • New Markets
  • New Products

In 2015 due to health issues Ron Whistler, Founder, President and CEO of NEW IDEAS, INC. decided to retire from actively developing, administering and conducting customized industrial training programs.

Ron's two sons: Parrish and Chadd, have taken an active leadership role in determining the direction that would be best for the company's future and one that is compatible with their interest, experience and educational background.

Going forward it was decided to explore new possibilities based on the following objectives:

  • Identify New Markets and/or New Product(s) that with the use of INNOVATION AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES will provide the opportunity to:

    • A) Increase NEW IDEAS, INC'S current market size (i.e. customer base)
    • B) Meet current and future price expectations while maintaining a competitive advantage within current and new market(s)

  • Evaluate the profit potential and return on investments required to offer new products and/or enter new markets and determine whether the investment will maintain and/or establish NEW IDEAS, INC. AND ITS AUXILIARY ENDEAVORS as a MARKET LEADER


New Ideas, Inc. Management Group

Principle, President & Chairman of the Board
Ronald Whistler
Principle, Senior Vice-President
Parrish Whistler
25 years as a business specialist specializing in:
project management (CPM), strategic alignment of business requirements and process efficiency
Principle, Senior Vice-President
Chadd Whistler
27 years developing software including:
establishing initial criteria for corporate IT objectives, budgets, designing IT architecture and management of near and offshore resources (primarily located in India)
Principle, Senior Vice-President & CFO
Sharon Whistler
34 years managing human resources including union administration and general office administration for a national mechanical contractor


Ron Whistler

ASTD (American Society of Training & Development), 1987 Most Outstanding Contributor to HRD

ITVA's (International Television Association), Award of Excellence

PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), PRISIM Award


Maintenance Manuals:
Bearing Selection Installation & Maintenance

Lubrication Basics for Industrial Maintenance

Basic Considerations for Developing an Educational Curriculum

Developing A Plan For Evaluating The Need For Training

Strategic Educational Planning: Moving Towards The Future

Training: The Nucleus For Achieving World Class Manufacturing Standards

Single Engine Private Pilot License

Lubrizol's CLS (Certified Lubrication Specialist)

Personal Achievements
Scouting: Eagle + Bronze, Silver & Gold Palms

BBA Business Admin
Wichita State University
Wichita, Kansas

AA Electronic Technology
University of Wichita
Wichita, Kansas

Ronald Whistler
7308 N. Cypress Ave.
Kansas City, MO, 64119
(816) 797 6813 -

30+ years' experience at senior level positions:

Developing and implementing employee educational programs for:
Industrial Distributors, Manufacturer Reps, Plant Maintenance Professionals and Trade Associations

Contractual Services, Industrial Products and Executive Jets

Industry Experience By SIC Includes: 02XX -07XX Agriculture, 12XX Oil & Gas, 16XX Heavy Construction, 20XX Food Plants, 33XX Primary Metals, 34XX Fabricated Metals, 36XX Machinery, 49XX Electric-Gas & Sanitary Services, 50XX-51XX Wholesale/Distribution



Area of Expertise

Proficiency Level
10=Highest Level


Management Skills


30+ years' experience in senior level management positions.

Leadership Skills


Executive Director for two major associations:
NAEMT - 2700 members
APT - 3500 members
Co-Author 5 wk. Leadership Training workshop

Employee Development (Educational & Training Skills)


Designed, developed and implemented interest specific & public training workshops
Conducted over 300 public workshops
Featured speaker for ASLE, SAE, ASTD, ITVA, PMA and AOM

Sales Management & Selling Skills


30 + years experience selling contractural services, industrial supplied, car wash systems and executive jets to Fortune 500 companies



New Ideas, Inc. (Formerly IDEAS)
09/1989 - 01/2015 President & Owner

Product(s): Custom employee educational programs & sales consulting

Challenges: Provide a cost effective service that increases productivity, reduces operating costs and improves bottom line profits

Major New Ideas, Inc. projects: June 1998 to January 2015

For ISL (Industrial Sealing & Lubrication

Provided on a conjectural basis Sales Management including hiring and training field sales personnel
Additional services included providing end user training programs, market analysis, compilling Bearing Failure Analysis and developing Energy Saving Profiles for ISL's key corporate accounts.

For NTT (National Technology Transfer)

Developed, presented, hired and trained instructors on how to present public workshops on maintenance of mechanical drives

On behalf of NTT I presented this workshop to the Kennedy Space Center and the NASA Langley Research Center with an emphasis on Bearing Maintenance for ground support equipment. Attendees rated the value of the training 4.6 out of a possible 5 and rated the presentation 4.8 out of a possible 5

Additional workshops developed for NTT included:

3 day workshop on Shaft Alignment and Balancing
3 day workshop on ISO 9000 and QS 9000
3 day workshop on improving maintenance department bottom line performance using Proactive/Predictive Maintenance procedures

For Update international

Developed a 3 day public workshop on Maximizing Bearing Life Using Practical Proactive Techniques vs. Reactive Mainteance Techniques

For H&R Block

Set up strategic "Customer Service" initiatives for their supply division that serviced 10,430 field offices using products from 275 suppliers.

Served as a team leader for implementing the address book and sales order management portion of J.D. Edwards "One World" supply chain management software program.

For Kansas Gas & Electric

Conducted a job task analysis and skills assessment program for their systems operators and used the information to develop a long term training curriculum

Additional Products completed by NEW IDEAS, INC.

Sales Training Consultant to major I.D / P.T. Distributors

Developed apprentice training programs that were recognized & approved by B.A.T. (Bureau of Apprentice Training)

Senior Consultant to the Fromm Institute

Developed continuing educational programs and strategic educational plans for a variety of trade and professional associations including serving on Fromm's behalf as the:

  • Interim Executive Director for NAEMT (National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians), 2700 members
  • Interim Executive Director for APT (Association for Psychological Type), 3500 members



IBT (Industrial Bearing & Transmission) 09/1976 to 09/1989
Power transmission distributor (50+ branches in 11 states)

  • Corporate Training Director 08/1985 - 09/1989
    Initiated a 5 year employee training curriculum that significantly reduced employee turnover
  • Supported training with video training modules produced in a multi-million dollar in-house production studio
  • Initiated bi-monthly video newsletter
  • Sold video production services to outside clients making the studio a profit center vs. a cost center

Additional assignments included:

  • 05/1984 - 08/1985 Corporate Marketing Coordinator
  • 11/1982 - 05/1984 Bearing Department Sales Manager
  • 09/1976 - 11/1982 Manager Special Projects





Last Position with Company

Loctite Corporation

Adhesive sealants

District Sales Manager

Hanna Ind.

Mfg. Conveyor type Car Wash Systems

V.P. Sales

Triple Clean Car Wash

Mfg. & Sales Self Service Car Wash Systems

General Manager

Aero Commander

Private and Business Aircraft

Manager Sales Development

Coleman Company

Outdoor recreational products

Market Research Analyst

Lear Jet

Executive jets

Manager Sales Engineering

Beech Aircraft

Private & Business Aircraft

Design Draftsman


Military Guidance Systems

Electronic Tech. & Trouble Shooter


A decision for the future

In addition to evaluating new opportunities NEW IDEAS, INC made the decision to specifically evaluate opportunities that would

make a positive long term impact on the lives of those purchasing future product(s) and or service(s) provided by NEWIDEAS, INC.

Several market opportunities to date have been reviewed. The search has included evaluating market trends and opportunities with respect to:

  • Providing a state of the art full service expresso coffee shop
  • Competing in the recreational and commercial Market for Drones
  • Providing Outside Storage Service (For Commercial Construction, Equipment, RV’s, etc)
  • Competing in the market for Medicinal Herbs
  • Establishing a high end Aromatherapy dispensary
  • Establishing a high end Hemp Retail Outlet (Men & Women Clothing, hemp medicinal products, Hemp cosmetics etc.)
  • Establishing a high end Medical Marijuana Wellness Center
  • Evaluating opportunities available within the CANNABIS/MARIJUANA MARKET

Though this market has inherent legality issues with respect to growing, cultivation, distributing and selling Cannabis/Marijuana products the marijuana market is attractive because of its diversity which provides optional choices to customize a business opportunity and to maximize returns on investment for a given market.

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